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Lydall Performance Materials

Industrial Filtration

Industrial Filtration products include LydAir® MG (Micro-Glass) Air Filtration Media, LydAir® MB (Melt Blown) Air Filtration Media, LydAir® SC (Synthetic Composite) Air Filtration Media, and Arioso™ Membrane Composite Media. These products constitute the critical media component of clean-air systems for applications in clean-space, commercial, industrial and residential HVAC, power generation, and industrial processes. Lydall has leveraged its extensive technical expertise and applications knowledge into a suite of media products covering the vast liquid filtration landscape across the engine and industrial fields. The LyPore® Liquid Filtration Media and activated carbon containing ActiPure® Filtration Media series address a variety of application needs in fluid power including hydraulic filters, air-water and air-oil coalescing, industrial fluid processes, diesel filtration and fuel filtration.

Industrial Thermal Insulation


Industrial Thermal Insulation products are high performance nonwoven veils, papers, mats and specialty composites for the cryogenic, building products, appliance, and high temperature insulation markets. The Manniglas®Thermal Insulation brand is diverse in its product application ranging from high temperature seals and gaskets in ovens and ranges to specialty veils for HVAC and cavity wall insulation.  appLY® Mat Needled Glass Mats have been developed to expand Lydall’s high temperature technology portfolio for broad application into the appliance market and supplements the Lytherm®Insulation Media product brand, traditionally utilized in the industrial market for kilns and furnaces used in metal processing. Lydall’s Cryotherm®Super-Insulating Media, CRS-Wrap® Super-Insulating Media and Cryo-Lite™ Cryogenic Insulation products are industry standards for state-of-the-art cryogenic insulation designs used by manufacturers of cryogenic equipment for liquid gas storage, piping, and transportation.

Life Sciences Filtration

Life Sciences Filtration products include the LyPore® and ActiPure® Filtration Media developed to meet the requirements of life science applications including biopharmaceutical pre-filtration and clarification, diagnostic and analytical testing, respiratory protection, life protection, medical air filtration, drinking water filtration and high purity process filtration such as that found in food and beverage and medical applications. Lydall also offers Solupor® Membrane specialty microporous membranes that are utilized in various markets and applications including air and liquid filtration and transdermal drug delivery. Solupor® membranes are based on ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene and incorporate a unique combination of mechanical strength, chemical inertness, and high porosity in a unique open structure.




The Thermal/Acoustical segment offers a full line of innovative engineered products to assist in noise and heat abatement within the transportation sector. Lydall products are found in the interior (dash insulators), underbody (wheel well, fuel tank, exhaust) and under hood (engine compartment) of cars, trucks, SUV’s, heavy duty trucks and recreational vehicles. Lydall’s patented products include ZeroClearance®, AMS®, Flexshield® and dBCore®comprised of organic and inorganic fiber composites (fiber parts) as well as metal combinations (metal parts).


Life Sciences Vital Fluid

The Life Sciences Vital Fluids business offers specialty products for blood filtration devices, blood transfusion single-use containers and bioprocessing single-use containers and products for containment of media, buffers and bulk intermediates used in biotech, pharmaceutical and diagnostic reagent manufacturing processes.